Complete History Of The Apple Logo

Apple is undoubtedly one of the most successful and popular companies in the world. The recent surge in the technology sector has enabled them to cement their spot as a tech giant. However, it wasn’t always easy for Apple. The company struggled for years to get that golden lining. Some people even deemed it a lost cause but the founder, Steve Jobs, had different plans. 

The majority part of Apple’s success is subject to its sensational branding and its logo itself. In simpler words, their logo is their first USP (Unique Selling Point), and then comes their actual unique products. Nonetheless, in today’s article, we’re going to dissect each of Apple’s past and current logos with the history behind it. 

What’s The Story Behind The Apple Logo?

As we already discussed above that Apple is one of the most successful tech giants in the world but it wasn’t always that easy for them. As most of you might already know that Apple first started its operations from a garage in California in 1976. It nearly took them decades to build customer loyalty and raise brand awareness. 

However, did you ever notice that Apple’s branding is so precious to them that they use it in every aspect of their business? Now may it be retailing, packaging, or designing, you name it they have it. Their logo is by far their most iconic work to date. Following is the complete story behind the Apple logo starting from 1976 to what it is today. 


Well, Apple’s first logo doesn’t look entirely what they attain today. At first glance, it looks like a logo of a different company. It’s rather rushed with details and is much more intricate than what we see today. Ironically, it seems like something that should be on a bottle of beer. 

To make the company’s first logo, Ronald Wayne came forward to share his work. Ronald Wayne was one of the three founders of Apple but left the company and sold his shares just after 12 days of operating. Wayne crafted his work with an image of Isaac Newton sitting beside a tree. Most of you would know the concept of Isaac Newton, the tree, and the apple falling from the tree theory. Nonetheless, this logo didn’t last long in the company. 


After a year had passed with the aforementioned logo, Steve Jobs called in for reinforcements in order to change the logo. He thought of it as too challenging to use at the level they were producing at the time. A logo can do wonders for a brand. If your logo is old-fashioned, people will generally develop the concept of your brand is outdated. 

In order to craft a new logo, Jobs acquired the help of Rob Janoff. He was a renowned graphic designer who was given the task to create a logo that will also blend in with the brand name. Janoff’s design was better and simple. He created a 2D apple with a bite taken from the front. He also filled it with rainbow colors throughout. The bite was also an ironic front on the term “byte” – a computer term. Hence, Janoff’s logo allowed Apple to embark upon their quintessential apple bite logo. 


Apple gradually started making little changes to its logo. During the same year, Macintosh was launched and Landor Associates removed the company’s name from the logo. Who knew it would become so iconic statement-wise for decades to come? 


Surprisingly in 1985, Steve Jobs was forced to leave the company by the mighty executives. However, he returned back in 1997 because the company was losing all of its money at an excessive speed. Steve Jobs had the responsibility to lead a complete overhaul of the company. One of his most significant responsibilities was to rejuvenate the rebooting logo. It was globally recognized and hence needed some work to be done. 

Steve Jobs removed the rainbow splash from the logo and replaced it with a solid black color. It was done in regard to their new computer models that were in silver color. The new logo was planned to be used for Apple’s new lineup for the iMac. 


Currently, Apple holds onto the same logo but in different color variations; black, white, and silver. It’s nothing too complex for people to interpret like the first-ever logo and it’s quite simple, unlike the previous logos. It can easily be said that Apple’s current logo is easier to remember as well. 

Why Is The Apple Logo Half-Bitten?

Apple’s second logo creator, Rob Janoff, once revealed why he splashed the logo with rainbow colors and why he made it in a bitten form. According to Janoff, the sole reason behind giving Apple’s logo a half-bitten form was to give it scale. So that people don’t mistake it for a tomato or cherry. 

What Was Apple’s Original Name?

As we already mentioned above that Apple was founded in 1976 but it had a different name. It was not always entirely known as Apple. After founding the company, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne set their goal on sole thing, computers. So, the original name of Apple was “Apple Computer Company” at the time of its creation.