Cheap Car Insurance Companies – August 2022

Car insurance must be required if you own a car. Although some people mistakenly put their entire budget into insurance. That doesn’t have to be the case. If you closely study the paradigm, you might find some easy and cheap car insurance companies to deal with. 

Each individual has their own criteria while insuring a car. Some look for steady customer service while some search for a decent financial overall. Although a secluded section of the U.S. population also opts for an insurance company that has a mobile app. Despite the different criteria, most people look for the cheapest rates. So here’s a list of the cheapest car insurance companies available in the U.S.


Auto-Owners is probably the cheapest car insurance company in the States. It offers various add-on options accompanied by the lowest average minimum coverage plan. You have the liberty to modify your coverage in your own style with Auto-Owners. Apart from the cheap rates, Auto-Owners have a clean driving record as well. Their average annual cost for maximum coverage is $1,300 and $325 for minimum coverage. 


USAA is not only one of the cheapest car insurance companies but also the fifth-largest insurance company in the United States. They have received high customer satisfaction scores in the last 4-5 years and this has made them optimize their operations even more. Military personnel and veterans enjoy the most with USAA because it offers special discounts to them. The average annual for maximum coverage is around $1,200 and for the minimum coverage it lies at $355. 


Geico is the vastest car insurance company in the States. It offers a nationwide service alongside having lower rates. If we examine the market share, Geico is the second largest car insurer in the country. They are definitely a grade-A company that offers you cheaper rates no matter where you live in the States. Their annual average for maximum coverage is $1,300 and for minimum coverage its $354. 

Erie Insurance

Erie is yet another decent option while hunting for cheap insurance companies. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, Erie might be the best choice for you. Their Rate Lock program allows you to enjoy a steady experience with lesser inconveniences. They offer a significantly low average annual minimum coverage rate in the form of $475. Hence, the maximum coverage plan requires about $1,320. 


Amica has great customer satisfaction scores and this allows them to attract more people towards them. The high satisfaction rate is justified because they offer great rates at an affordable price. They also have a solid customer service feature which holds the risk of any inconveniences at bay. Their annual average maximum coverage can be valued at around $1,495 and the minimum coverage program can be availed at around $445.