Celebrities With Fake Names

All people have names, but not all people like the names they were given. Because they don’t think it sounds cool, they find it strange, or they just don’t like it, some well-known celebrities with Fake Names choose not to reveal their names.

Names can also be changed if someone thinks having a different name will make them luckier and more successful. They don’t even have to change the names in writing in some circumstances, as is the case with many superstars. These people only invent stage names and perform under them.

List Of Celebrities With Fake Names:

Seven well-known celebrities who use fake names are listed below. Let’s find out if you believe that they made the right choice or if they ought to have kept the name that their parents gave them.

Gigi Hadid:

Devoted followers are aware that the iconic supermodel initially went by a different name. Hadid’s real name is Jelena, which is pronounced Yelena, and only her immediate relatives gave her the name Gigi. Gigi mentioned in an interview that her mother used to refer to her as that when she was younger, but just in the house. Gigi turned into Gigi exclusively when Jelena’s primary school situation became problematic as there was another student named Halena. The name “Gigi” persisted after her teacher also started calling her by the same name.

Nicki Minaj:

Some could counter that Nicki is an easy name to say and that people connect with it when they hear it.   Her real name, on the other hand, is Onika Tanya Minaj. Popular celebrities choose to use names like this one because it lingers in people’s minds. Actors, musicians, and everyone else in the entertainment industry occasionally seem to desire to normalize their names in order to reach a wider audience. However, sticking with it for a time can be a better choice if you have a cool name like this.

Frank Ocean:

Ocean’s birth name was Christopher Edwin Breaux, but he didn’t think it was a particularly intriguing name. He revealed in an interview that he changed his name on his birthday in 2010. He claimed that it was possibly one of the most exhilarating things he had ever done. However, he changed his name through LegalZoom because it sounded cool.

The Weeknd:

It is very clear that “The” and “Weeknd” are not The Weeknd’s first and last names. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye is the real name of the artist. He used this as his stage name because he hated his own name at the time and liked it. He had to drop the “e” because a Canadian band already had the same name, raising copyright issues.

Jamie Foxx:

The real name of actor Jamie Foxx is Eric Marlon Bishop. He admitted to changing his name when he started performing stand-up comedy in 2014, saying that he wanted something a little more gender-neutral. A stage name was adopted. But he admitted that at the start of his career, he had to constantly remind himself that it was his name.