Can AirTags Get Wet? Everything You Need To Know About AirTags

Apple AirTag is a small device that helps one keep track of their belongings. AirTags adopt the usage of ultra-wideband technology. The tracking process is rather easier due to your iPhones and iPads. 

Apple’s AirTag is a minute device that can help people locate their belongings in cases of getting stolen or lost. All the tracking down process takes place in the Find My app. You can buy one for $29.00 or a pack of four for $99.00. When it’s Apple you can always expect some trademark stuff. Similarly, you can have letters or images engraved on the device. That too for free. 

Which iOS Versions Runs It?

As already mentioned above, iPhones and iPads can determine the exact location of your belongings attached to them, using the Find My app. Nevertheless, in order to successfully track your device you must have iOS 14.5 or above. Even iPadOS should be 14.5 or above.

From another perspective, that update is compatible with iPhone 6s and above. There is one complication, to adopt the usage of Precision Finding, you must require an iPhone 11 or above. Precision Finding gives you guidelines on the screen that take you right to your device. 

Is AirTags Waterproof?

Yes, AirTags are officially declared water-resistant. They have the same water resistance rating as iPhone SE. The rating of IP67 in other words means that its dust, water, and splash resistant. Apple states that AirTags can spend up to 30 minutes underwater without getting any major damage. 

How Far Away Can AirTags Track?

AirTags adopt the usage of Bluetooth 5.0 so it’s believed to be efficient and effective to a minimum of 800 feet. However, the entire tracking down system depends on your environment. If there are a lot of barriers available in your environment e.g walls and buildings, they will restrict the tracking feature. The range can easily go down if such is the case. 

Do AirTags Work Without Wi-Fi?

AirTags work absolutely the same if there’s no Wi-Fi connectivity available but it is advised to stay connected to a Wi-Fi for a more enhanced experience. Bluetooth 5.0 should work quintessentially regardless of the Wi-Fi connectivity to the aforementioned estimate of 800 feet. 

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