Buffalo Bills New Stadium Updates

In 2026, the Buffalo Bills will unveil a brand-new stadium, which will situate in Orchard Park. And situated next to the current stadium. That’s great news for tailgating since, at least after construction is through, not much anticipate to change about the tailgate experience. However, there will be a space issue while the construction is underway.

Space Concern:

The Bills will temporarily lose access to two of their stadium parking lots in the foreseeable future. The well-regarded camper lot will also be unavailable. Bills have not yet stated if they will reserve a different area for campers and RVs either during or after development.

Buffalo Bills New Stadium Updates
Buffalo Bills New Stadium Updates

In 2022, a season-long pass in the camper lot will cost $800. Since it has been a sell-out for the past few seasons, it would seem that they would want to preserve it in some way. Along with the bus and limo lot, the new stadium will built in the precise location of the current RV lot.

Details of Buffalo Bills New Stadium:

While politicians and the Buffalo Bills leadership are focused on finishing details for the Bill’s brand-new, open-air stadium. The Buffalo Bills focus on winning a Super Bowl on the field. The Bills owners, Pegula Sports and Entertainment, and Erie County lawmakers are still working to finish matters before the paperwork filing date of September 1st.

Details of Buffalo Bills New Stadium
Details of Buffalo Bills New Stadium

We know that the stadium, which will construct across Abbott Road from the current site of Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, will cost $1.4 billion. Although several renderings of the Abbott and Big Tree Road perspective have been made public. The new stadium’s final renderings have not yet been done.

Wishlist For The New Buffalo Stadium From The Bills Mafia

Seats With Built-In Phone Chargers:

How often have you been at a game and observed that your phone’s battery is only 10% charged? It would be wonderful to have a place to charge your phone while you watch the game.

Modern Bathrooms

It would be excellent to have larger restrooms with additional stalls. In this new stadium, men’s restrooms resembling horse troughs should also be installed.

Heater-Equipped, More Comfortable Seats

It would be wonderful to have more comfy seats inside the stadium if you’re going to be sitting for hours. If the seats can heat, the winter conditions wouldn’t be as severe. This is also a concern of the Bills Mafia for building the new stadium.

Craft Breweries

It would be amazing to have a craft brewery that sold all the various “Bills”-themed beers created in Western New York.

Bills Mafia Fan Statues

Outside Highmark Stadium, there is currently a statue of later owner Ralph Wilson. Statues of some of the most devoted Mafia members can place in the new stadium as a way of showing the fans some love.

However, PSE’s Ron Raccuia’s announcement that spectators will be closer to the field inside the new stadium than they are in Highmark Stadium is what fans are most excited about. In the NFL, Highmark Stadium already has one of, if not the closest fan-to-field distances. It’s as if you’re watching a college football game. It’s an amazing aspect that the new stadium will bring spectators even closer together.