‘The Whale’ Brings Brendan Fraser To Tears As He Wins Best Actor At Oscars

Brendan Fraser To Tears As He Wins Best Actor At Oscars


Brendan Fraser accepted the Academy Award for best actor for his role in the movie “The whale”. The film was a super hit in his time and that’s why the actor receive the award for his acting very tearfully. After receiving the award on the show, he starts giving his speech on the stage.

Brendan Fraser Speech:

First of all, he thanked the director of the film Darren Aronofsky for throwing me to the creative lifeline. The actor was nominate in his category with also few actors. The actors that are nominate with Brendan are Austin Butler, Paul Mescal, Bill Nighy, and Collin Farrell.

He also said that “only the whale’s movie can swim into the depth of his co-star actor Hong Chau. The actor gives reference to his 30 years in the Hollywood Career and said there are many aspects of his journey. I didn’t appreciate this time until it got stopped”.

Brendan Fraser Won 2 More Awards:

With full of red eyes, he ended his emotional speech by thanking many people including his partner, children, and other people. Along with this reward, Fraser also won the Critics’ Choice Award and SAG Award as well for “The Whale” Movie.


Brendan Fraser won the oscar award for winning Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in “The Whale” movie. His speech was very tearful and emotional in which he thanked all of the co-stars and the director of the movie.

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