Best Sites To Cash In On Unused Gift Cards

We all have experienced some unwanted gift cards go to waste. Well let go off the past now and earn money through those unwanted gift cards. There are many sites that allow you to sell your unneeded gift card and get cash in return. 

Who doesn’t love gift cards? We all do, but sometimes they just don’t spark in our eyes. For instance, you receive a gift card to a fast food restaurant but you’re following a strict diet. So that gift card ends up being piled up with several others in your drawer. 

However, if you’re looking to earn some additional cash over those undesirable gift cards, read the list below. 

How To Resale A Gift Card Online?

To resale gift cards online, you have to find the best legitimate sites that allow you to do so. Before selling your gift card, do remember to compare prices with another site to analyse which offers the best money. 


CardCash allows you to sell your gift card or exchange it into the one that you will use. Although for selling your gift card, you’ll need to put up a reasonable, agreeable price. For instance, if you own a gift card worth $30, there are chances that the gift card will get sold for a minimum of $25. In simpler words, its tough to get the 100% value markup on any card you sell. 


ClipKard adopts a rather unique method to allow you start selling your gift card. They have a tool that imminently tells you whether your card is applicable for a sale on their website or not. It all depends on the rarity and hype of each gift card. The same tool will also determine the price of that card you entered. However, if an amount is agreed and your card is applicable, you’ll have to ship the card to ClipKard via a prepaid USPS shipping label. You also earn points on each sale and you can then redeem them for either discounts on future purchase or other gift cards. 


Similar to ClipKard, GiftCash allows you to enter the gift card you want to sell and then receive its value to further receive offers. If your card is subject to a popular platform such as Target, then you’ll receive a high % markup at the end of the sale, probably in the range of 80%-90%. 


Whilst opting Raise as a method to release your gift card, you’ll have complete liberty to enter your preferred price. However if someone purchases the card from you on your described price, Raise will take 15% of that money in the form of commission. 


CardSell doesn’t involve any intricate details to follow. All you have to do is download their app and fill in the required information about gift card you’re selling. Once it’s verified with a retailer and you eventually make the sale, your funds will be transferred to your PayPal account under 48 hours.