Best Places To Retire In The U.S. In 2022-23

Retirement is a process in which 4-5 emotions are constantly whirling up at a given time. Everyone desires to retire in a different way. Maybe you idealise exploring historic places and museums or would just like to relax at a beach town in the United States

Although after closely studying many possibilities, we have piled up a list of some of the best places one could enjoy retirement at. 

Franklin – Tennessee

Best Places To Retire In The U.S. In 2022-23

Franklin is by far one of the liveliest towns in the United States but why is it in this list? Because 37% of the 86,577 people living in Franklin are aged 50 or older. This town is probably the most decent place to retire at because it just recently added a couple of golf courses snd museums to its name. One important factor, Nashville is just a 30 minute drive away from Franklin. 

Lower Merion – Pennsylvania.

Best Places To Retire In The U.S. In 2022-23

If you have always been a history lover, your retirement town has to be Lower Merion. It is filled with historic landmarks. On top of that all, its also home to three distinctive historical districts. Lower Merion does a brief narrative on America’s topsy turvy past. With Philadelphia just minutes away, you have access to the Philadelphia National Museum of Art as well. 

There’s more to Lower Merion apart from being a magnificent historic place. This town is also home to several botanic gardens, golf courses and parks as well. You would never fell short of any sort of entertainment there. Lower Merion’s population is rated at 61,535 and 40% of that number are people 50 or above. 

Teaneck – New Jersey

Best Places To Retire In The U.S. In 2022-23

Teaneck has an exceptional artistic history which the residents of this town still tend to follow. You can witness performances from several local bands, artists or theatre groups each day over there. To top it off, the town holds its own international film festival. Apart from the theatrical edge, Teaneck is filled with parks and tennis courts. Also since 2000, people who migrate to Teaneck with age 65 or above, has significantly surged with 22%. 

The town also tends to provide facilities to its older community. The community centre holds a fitness centre, a 24 hour available nurse and game room. The town is lowly populated at 41,015 and people who are aged 50 or above are 39% of that number. 

Columbia – Maryland

Best Places To Retire In The U.S. In 2022-23

Located just 25 minutes from Washington D.C. and 20 minutes westwards Baltimore, Columbia is home to almost 105,980 residents. For such a small place, the town has actually outdone itself. There’s no delay in any sort of entertainment activity as the towns Merriweather Post Pavilion hosts many concerts throughout the year. You can also find various art galleries and an orchestra in Columbia. There are also weekend parties scheduled for the residents by the community centre. For example, bing nights. The average of residents aged 50 or above in Columbia is 37%. 

Boca Raton – Florida

Best Places To Retire In The U.S. In 2022-23

If you had always planned a beachy edge to your retirement, head straight over to Boca Raton in Florida. This beachside town has the most perfect weather ever. You can also enjoy visiting the numerous parks all over the town. To further entice you, the healthcare facilities are top tier, there’s luxurious real estate and 0% State Income Tax. Travelling is also easy with Boca Raton’s very own airport that hosts many airlines such as Delta, Spirit and United. There are also weekly art festivals and a yearly boat parade. Almost half of Boca’s population is aged 50 or above. 51% of the population is has completed or gone ahead of the half century out of the grand total of 141,215. 

Retire with peace of mind.