Best Medieval Fantasy Movies

The popularity of medieval movies has increased over time. Everyone enjoys watching scenes of kings and knights riding into battle on horses, war horses. And large ballrooms filled with women wearing elegant gowns, and expansive courtrooms with the king or queen seated at one end. The forbidden love of a prince and a princess who meet in the darkness of the night in a forest.

The best movies are those that are predominantly set in the medieval era. Through movies, audiences desire to be taken back to those medieval eras.

What Is The Best Medieval Fantasy? Check Out A Couple Of Them.

Be thankful for modern conveniences, modern medicine, and science as you view a few medieval movies depicting the dark times that are given below.

BlackDeath (2010):

The movie Black Death set during the bubonic plague. However, the narrative centers on a monk by the name of Osmund who, along with Ulric, sets out to solve the puzzle of the alleged resurrection of humans.

BlackDeath (2010)

Braveheart (1995):

In the film Braveheart, a man by the name of William Wallace leads an uprising against the oppressive monarch King Edward, commonly known as Longshanks, with the aid of Robert the Bruce when he murders Wallace’s wife. Moreover, one of the greatest medieval films ever produced, Braveheart received high praise from critics.

Braveheart (1995) Best Medieval Movies

Hamlet (1948):

In the same-named movie adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play, Prince Hamlet of Denmark returns to his father’s funeral only to discover that his mother Gertrude, and his uncle Claudius were responsible for the man’s death. He did all of this for the throne though.

Hamlet (1948)

Hamlet plans to poison the murderers as retaliation for the death of his father, but he inadvertently poisons Polonius, the father of his beloved Ophelia. Thus, the series of events that result in the terrible conclusion start to happen next.

Seven Samurai (1954): 

The movie Seven Samurai is based on the life of a famous samurai who has had difficulties, but upon the village’s request, people volunteer to defend them from bandits. He gathers six more samurai to help him carry out the plan, and the eight of them work to teach the villagers how to defend themselves. However, they prepare to fight against a group of forty bandits that invade the village, which presents them with their actual test.

Seven Samurai (1954)

Medieval Movie (2022) Is One Of The Greatest Medieval Movies That Was Released In 2022.

The brutality, complicated soap opera scheming, and depressing fatalism present in “Medieval” are similar to those in “Game of Thrones.” “Medieval” depicts the past as a brutal, unromantic parable whose harsh tone is justified by its lesson at the end of the narrative. It is based on the actual account of Jan Ika, one of history’s greatest fighters. Following the death of its emperor, the Holy Roman Empire is in chaos as competing Kings fought for control of the vacated throne.

Good Medieval Movies On Netflix:

Do you want to know if Netflix has any good medieval movies? However, Netflix and medieval movies appear to be in a committed relationship. On Netflix, some of the top and most renowned medieval films mentioned. These movies will keep you entertained because they seamlessly blend romance, action, and adventure.

  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
  • Troy
  • The King
  • The Passion of Joan of Arc