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Top 10 Best Instant Teeth Whitening Pens 2023

Top 10 Best Instant Teeth Whitening Pens 2023
  • PublishedMarch 1, 2023
Instant Teeth Whitening Pens 2023


Is it true that most people are concerned about their teeth and they desperately want to find some tool or device to do whitening? But unfortunately, at home, they can’t find that and ultimately they waste many hours thinking about the tool.

Few people visit doctors and spend thousands of rupees on medical bills. Further, they can’t also find a professional dentist for the treatment of teeth. If you are looking for a quick treatment so that you can easily whiten your teeth. Don’t worry about that because today we will discuss multiple options that will help you in this process.

10 best instant teeth whitening pens 2023

1. Arc Teeth Whitening Pen:

1. Arc Teeth Whitening Pen:

This is a budget-friendly pen that will work quickly and will provide you with a high-level result. The full result will take more time as compared to the other whitening pens we discuss further. Teeth whitening simply without a tool can be more expensive but when you talk about the whitening pens then this tool will save you cost and provide you with a convenient package.

If you want results in two weeks you have to use this pen twice a day. The application process for these teeth is simply to brush onto teeth and smile for 60 seconds. After that, you don’t have to eat or drink anything for one hour and you will see result in two weeks. The price of the pen is $20 in the market.

2. Crest Whitening Emulsions Pen:

Crest Whitening Emulsions Pen

The tool is best for people who have sensitive teeth and it will be more prone to spills and leaking because of the tube design. You have to take care when you apply the whitening tools or any pen on sensitive teeth. But this whitening tool has a better solution for you so don’t worry and keep reading about this tool.

 A whitening pen geared forward to those who are worried about the extra pain in their teeth when they try to smile. The Crest Emulsions whitening pen use a hydration whitening formula in the tool. When you use other pens they will dry out the teeth during use and it will lead to the dreaded tooth sensitivity.

The Whitening Emulsions pen use hydrogen peroxide suspension that will be coated and rehydrated dried-out teeth before whitening the teeth. In that process, it will take a few seconds for whitening the teeth. The cost of a crest Emulsion teeth whitening tool is $40 in the market. You have to use this pen four times a day and you will get results in just four days. However, you have to wait 30 minutes before drinking and eating. 

3. Lumineux Ultra-Bright Whitening Pen:

3. Lumineux Ultra-Bright Whitening Pen:

This peen tool is peroxide free and it will work for both repelling future strains and whitening teeth for long-lasting results. The results will not be dramatic as compared to the other pens that use peroxide. The peroxide tools are either carbamide or hydrogen and carbamide is the active ingredient in many whitening products.

 But this will lead to your teeth sensitivity and it is risky. A whitening can also cause tooth sensitivity in which peroxide can pass through the enamel to the dentin layer of the tooth and it also irritates the nerve of the tooth. Lumineux is a fan-favorite company that creates all its product without peroxide. The company uses a combination of essential oil to provide a result with no chemical taste.

There are two sets of instructions for pens that will serve two purposes. If you use the pen primary then it will be strain repellent before the red wine and cup of coffee. Just apply the two coats of this tool on your teeth and please wait for 1 minute before eating and drinking anything. If you are waiting for the whitening result then do the same result and wait for 30 minutes before drinking or eating. You will buy this pen tool for just $45.

4. SmileDirectClub Bright On:

4. SmileDirectClub Bright On:

This is the favorite whitening gel and it is best for strains during our whitening kit lab test. Unfortunately, the cap of the dispenser can block sometimes. When we are doing teeth cleaning lab tests then this is the best product we find in the market. You can purchase and get experience the whitening power of SmileDirectClub products in a fast and convenient package.

While the whitening kit will come with an LED light which is for faster results and the SmileDirectClub kit will use the same powerful whitening gel. It will take you for the quick touch-ups and during our result, the tester saw the result of 10 shades whiter.

You have to use this pen twice daily for a fuller result which will take one week to see the result. The application will take five minutes and the cool min Flavor can create the wait even more easily. The cost of the whitening pen is $25.

5. Colgate Optic White Overnight Whitening Pen:

5. Colgate Optic White Overnight Whitening Pen:

This is the best overnight whitening pen tool and it will increase the wear time which will lead to longer-lasting whitening. This tool will consume more time in the process as compared to the other whitening pens and it will not great for touching up your teeth.

Let me tell you one thing the whitening pen tool is not a longer solution for your teeth it is a shorter treatment. The tools are also helpful overnight for longer-lasting applications with no fuss of LED or whitening trays. The highest application of the pen is available in the market and there are more than 35 treatments included in one pen.

For applying this, the process is simple you have to apply the gel on both the top and bottom of your teeth and then wait for 15 seconds. At that time the gel will dry and leave for the whole night. Because of the so much period, you will see results better as compared to other pens. The price of the pen is $25 in the market.

6. Colgate SuperNova:

6. Colgate SuperNova:

The whitening pen tool is best with LED and it provides a kit of full whitening treatment in a shorter time frame. When you use that LED on your teeth after that you have to wait for four hours for the quick brightening result.

If you want a whitening treatment that will remain between committing to more than an hour-long LED treatment and a standard whitening pen. You have to combine them because maybe you will want that type of combination.

A Colgate SuperNova will provide a full whitening result in a short application. An LED treatment can work by breaking down the peroxide quickly and it will lead to whiter teeth sooner.

You have to apply it on the top and bottom of your teeth and then wait for 15 seconds. Follow the SuperNova LED tray for 10 minutes and then you will analyze the full result in 10 days. The tray will come with a built-in timer and it will beep once when five minutes and double when you are complete with the treatment. Wait for four hours before eating and drinking if you want results quickly. The cost of this whitening pen tool is $109 in the market.

7. Philip Zoom Whitening Pen:

7. Philip Zoom Whitening Pen:

According to the doctor, it is your personal preference which pen you will choose for whitening your teeth but if you had to pick a favorite you might choose this pen. The pen has a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide and it is extremely effective in the whitening of teeth. You can take this pen anywhere and place it in your bag because it will not get leaked. The pen contains a 5.25 percent of hydrogen peroxide formula which is few effects on strains if you use this pen regularly for 10 to 14 days. The price of the pen is $50 in the market when it gets published.

8. Tarte Pearly Girl Vegan:

8. Tarte Pearly Girl Vegan:

This whitening tool is also for sensitive teeth according to our doctor. The ingredients are high in the tool formulas. The tool is the most gentle option because it has a balance PH level and desensitizing ingredients. If we talk about hydrogen peroxide then it has a vegan compound that will whiten your teeth when you are protecting the enamel. Apply it four times a day if you want quick results and the price of the tool is $24 when it is published.

9. Moon Kendell Jenner Teeth Whitening Pen:

The flavor of the pen is really sweet and it is a mixture of strawberry, vanilla mint, honeysuckle, and lavender. The ingredients in this tool are not strong as compared to other tools’ ingredients. Most people don’t want to deliver an overpowering flavor and medicinal then we will recommend this tool.

In addition, the tool will clean the ingredients in the whitening teeth without any irritation. The reason is that the ingredients are also gentle and they are natural as well. You will see result in two weeks by using this tool for 30 minutes twice two times. The price of this tool is $20 when it gets published.

10. Auraglow Teeth Whitening Pen:

10. Auraglow Teeth Whitening Pen:

Last but not least this is the best whitening pen for cleaning teeth. Maybe you didn’t like the above whitening pen tool that’s why I mention this in the very last because I assure you will like this. It is very convenient to use and you can take it anywhere according to the tester person.

It is easy to use on your teeth when you are brushing since you can’t eat anything like food or drink for an hour. The tester will give a 4.5 rating out of five to this pen because it will not bring any burning or sensitivity to your teeth. 

The application will take less than a minute and you have to brush the application in twice daily. After that, you have to wait for one hour for eating anything and you will see the result in one use. Keep in mind you have to use it consistently for at least one week. The price of the tool is $37 in the market and it contains 20 applications.


These are the all whitening tools that will clean your teeth and according to my point of view, the last tool is very best because it is very convenient and give result quickly.

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