Best Home Insurance Companies Of 2022

Undoubtedly, your homes are your most genuine and valuable investments. Opting for a legitimate and effective home insurance company is on the top of your list whenever you invest in a property and quite rightfully so. A fair price should be important to you but coverage from a efficient company is equally important. In case of any unforeseen events, you should have a sustainable backup. Customer help service and legality should also be available in a company

So here’s a list of the best home insurance companies in the U.S. with great customer ratings. 


Hippo was founded in 2015 and tends to make the most out of the growing technology. They also provide a 60 second quote feature that can allow customers to compare prices. Hippo also keeps a virtual connection with home maintenance advisors and thats something the user can benefit from as well. Hippo puts its focus onto providing you a safer home to live with features like hail-resistant roofs and burglar alarms. 


Chubb is probably the most lavish home insurance company out of all. It certainly targets an audience who have expensive and lavish homes. They offer numerous of coverage and safety options as well. Their HomeScan outlines the issue before it gets worse and cause other disorientations. Chubb also offers a coverage plan that exceeds the cost coverage you and their team agreed on. If any unfortunate event occurs and your home gets damaged, Chubb will closely study the consequences and will increase the coverage cost if any significant damage has been caused. 


Amica home insurance company offers the regular insurance offers that you would expect from a company. However, they probably have the best customer service in the whole United States. If you’re seeking for some extra coverage benefits, opt their Platinum choice package. It comes with benefits like higher liability limits and extended dwelling coverage. Amica also offers a Contractor Connection feature that allows customers come one to one with licensed contractors. They also have a good customer feedback and hardly receive any complaints according to the NAIC. 


Travelers is a company made for eco-conscious people. Their Green Home Coverage plan helps covering extra costs of using environment-friendly materials that go into the reconstruction after a covered claim. Subsequently, Travelers also provide many discounts to owners whose homes are certified Green by the LEED organisation. Their website is a gem as well. They provide easier tracking of claims and other knowledgeable informations via their website and app.