Best Air Purifiers Of 2022

Air purifiers have become a lot more common nowadays. Each household owns an air purifier so that the indoors stay as fresh as possible. Especially for people who cook a lot of meals each day, an air purifier is a necessity to get rid of excessive smoke and strong aromas. 

As the summertime comes close, it brings a lot of allergies and rashes with it. An air purifier can put an end to all those. It will help reduce air pollution and certain allergens roaming about the ambiance. Breathing inside your home will change overnight once you get one because it gets a little tense sometimes in less spacious houses. 

After closely studying a lot of valid options, we have come up with some of the best available on market. 

Honeywell Home HPA300

Honeywell’s air purifier is probably the best available in the market because it covers a large space more efficiently than other competitors.

Although it might be a little costly its performance boasts for itself. It can freshen up across 465 square feet. HPA300 is a rather hefty one to own. With this device, you’ll have complete control over the timer setting. You can also check for filter replacements which some devices don’t offer. 

Coway Airmega 400

If you want a whole house breathing a rather luxurious breath, then you have to invest in Coway’s Airmega 400. This air purifier can cost you around $750 but trust me, it’s worth every single penny of that.

Each corner of the house will remind you of a heavenly-scented place. It has a reach of almost 1,560 square feet. It also provides a variety of features. Such as fan speed settings, quality indicators, and the adjustment of fan speed according to the quality of air. 

Blueair Blue Pure 211 Plus

This blue air purifier is perhaps the best option if you’re looking to enhance the air quality of a singular large room. You can operate Blue Pure 211 Plus with just a tap of your finger with its touch-sensitive button at the front.

It allows you to change the speed of the fan or turn it off/on. Its HEPA filter is designed to cleanse air throughout 560 square feet. It weighs less than the aforementioned purifiers as well – 13 pounds. It can be bought around the price range of $300-335. 

Coway AP1512HH HEPA Air Purifier

Well if you’re purchasing an air purifier for the very first time, Coway’s AP1512HH is the most perfect match for you. For the services this device offers, you can’t get a better one at such a price. Although prices for air purifiers haven’t been stable for 4-5 years.

Each price tag depends on the quality and brand name now. However, Coway’s HEPA air purifier is a true artist. It can reach out to almost 36 square feet of room and the HEPA filter is just the term technology redefined. It imminently removed any hint of dust or allergen felt in the atmosphere and allows you to lead a peaceful yet healthy life indoors.

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