Top 5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Business

Video Marketing for Small Business


There are many advantages of video Marketing that are gone to the roof now. If I could say video marketing is also a source of income? I guess it’s right. You may be facing difficulty to use videos in your social media business.

But believe me, my friend video marketing for small businesses is the creative strategy to boost your business. Time and trends are changed, and now you need to run your business according to the trends if you want to grow.

Did you aware that YouTube is the second most popular website in the world? Yes, you heard right it is the second most popular website after google keeps the top position. Billions of users watch 250 Million hours of videos daily on YouTube.

Video Marketing is a great tool to increase your sales on the social media platform. I guess many questions raises in your mind about why it is important to upload videos. Why do I simply post something and earn money? These all questions will be no longer in your mind after reading about the benefits of video marketing.

Video Marketing:

Video Marketing:

It is quite simple that video marketing is playing an important role in your small business marketing strategy and campaigns. Through video marketing, you will get engage with your customers and give brand awareness to the people.

You can also introduce your product and services through video marketing. Many famous brands are doing video marketing for their brand and trust me people are interested in brand video marketing.

In 2018, a survey was taken by Wy owl’s state in which they ask people about their interest in video marketing. Here is the result of the survey:

76% of marketers said that video marketing has increased their traffic and sales on the website.

The average number of persons watch more than an hour of online video content per day. In short, people love to watch videos and they are interesting.

81% of businesses in the world are using video as a marketing tool.

Types of Video Marketing:

Video Marketing is used in several different ways to inform, educate, and create new customers. Some common types of video marketing help to market their business.

1. Educational Videos:

Educational Videos

If you have a website of education courses and assignments then you need to do video marketing to inform about your course to your audience. The video is a demo of your course in which you tell which topics and which chapters are covered in that specific course.

2. Product Demo Videos:

Product Demo Videos

In business, if you are selling some product like cosmetics product then you need a video marketing tool. Because you will aware your audience by telling the look and benefits of the product in that video.

3. Brand Films:

Many brands all over the world create videos and marketing through them. They are getting traffic through this tool and they are increasing brand awareness among their customers.

4. Culture Videos:

They are quite similar to the brand films but they are telling about the culture in that video. Many companies are using these video marketing tools to attract and engage their potential customers towards them. They give more information in detail to their customers.

5. Testimonials:


A test video of a new product or service is way better than a written testimonial. Customers may be more attracted to a video in which anyone tests the product and explains the benefits of that specific product. So, this is also the type of video marketing in which you show the product by testing it. The benefit of this type is that your customer will be satisfied.

6. Product instruction video:

Product instruction video:

In the above type, we discuss that Companies make a video in which they explain the video by testing it. In this type, they explain the process after the customer buys that product. Let’s suppose you have a cosmetic business and someone buys a cream from you.

Now he is thinking that how to use that cream and at which time he uses it. So, most companies make a video in which they are giving information about the product and how to use it.

5 Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Businesses

1. Online Presence Increase:

There are chances for most businesses to survive alone if they have no online presence. Here comes the video marketing that increases your online presence. It will make your product easier to consume and engage your customers. When they saw your product online they click on the subscription button or visit your website. After they are satisfied, they click on the share button and your post gets shared with other people.

2. Brand Awareness Increases:

Brand Awareness Increases

The most popular website on the internet is Facebook generating 8 billion views on their videos. It is the average number per day and it means people are interested to watch videos and they are responding to them.

Video marketing strategy is effective and creative as compared to other forms of strategies and content. This is a great technique to keep your customer connected with you and also help to increase your brand awareness. If your content is right and your video is creative, your brand will get popular and famous.

3. Video Boost Social Media Engagement:

Video Boost Social Media Engagement

As you know social media platforms are now really famous day by day but the question is how you will grow and increase your sale when there are so many brands there. Everyone is creating an attractive product description and posts the picture on social media. What you did is create an attractive video to engage and attract your customer.

If you produce attractive and relevant content or video that completes your customer requirement then I will assure you that your sales will increase and your social media engagement also. If your content doesn’t meet the requirement then the traffic and conversion on your website will suffer.

4. Build Trust:

Build Trust

It’s the obvious thing if someone has trust in your product then he will buy your product. But we also said above that customers will watch the video and then they buy your product. What’s special about it? Video marketing will build a relationship between you and your customer. It will also allow people to know you and then eventually they will like you and trust you.

5. Creating video is fun:

Creating video is fun

Guess what creating a 5 min video is way better than writing thousands of words! Yes, you can even test it. Just you need to edit that video professionally from any video editor and then upload it on your website. After that sit on your chair and watch how people engage with you and attract you to your product.


Video Marketing is an effective and creative way to grow your small business in challenging online platforms. These are the benefits and types of video marketing that will help you to know how videos are helping key in your business.

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