Balenciaga Fashion Show 2023

Demna’s Balenciaga has become one of the most anticipated shows of Paris Fashion Week in recent seasons, not only because of the collection itself but also because of the viral moments that inevitably emerge. The spring 2023 event was no exception, with one of the biggest celebrities appearing in a large pit of dirt. Here’s all you need to know about Balenciaga’s spring 2023 collection.

Kanye West And Bella Hadid Walked On Runway:

Kanye West launched the show and strolled down the runway wearing an extreme take on the utilitarian jacket covered in huge bags of all sizes, exposing a sneer on his face. A host of Balenciaga muses, including Bella Hadid, walked the runway with bleached brows.

The Balenciaga Fashion Show Themes Was Mud:

Upon entering the performance location, guests were given a wallet containing credit cards, gym passes, and the personal IDs of strangers. The true theme of the event, however, mud models trampled through massive pits and puddles while wearing leather outfits and swingy silk gowns that dragged through the tangle of soppy material. According to the program notes, the set was a metaphor for digging for the truth and staying grounded.

Balenciaga Fashion Show 2023

Demna’s Ironic Fashion Takes Were Accurate:

Demna has made it a point to experiment with the fashion, from latex at the New York Stock Exchange to leather garbage bags as a symbol for migrants. A similar sensation sensed in the audience as soon as the show began. Kim Kardashian, along with other celebrities, walked the label’s couture display in July. Given Kanye’s connection to the company and the Kardashians, it felt like a meme and gimmick come to reality, especially with Kanye joyously smiling as he walked over mud piles.

The identity play was also present in the wallet invitation, as the metamorphosis of both dresses and casual sweats from pristine and flawless to mud-splattered suggested the idea of sharing a universal experience. The show notes riffed on every day being a battleground when it comes to maintaining your distinct identity, which was surprising given that the Balenciaga look has become an extremely recognizable uniform in both fashion and pop culture, particularly in recent seasons. Moreover, Demna recently chose to delete his surname and only use his first name, and it appears that he will no longer elaborate on the themes of his collections.

Accessories And Jewelry Were Seen Everywhere:

The collection included Balenciaga classics like glitzy diamant√© dresses, huge and roomy hoodies, and oversized outerwear, but the accessories were the most shocking. The show’s last piece a leather dress constructed from Le Cagole bags. Curly scarves in pinks and yellows bounced past. Multicolored, cutesy teddy bear purses were reminiscent of Gucci’s Gremlin bags from the previous week, and chunky, colorful clogs and stilettos splashed through the muck.

Balenciaga Pays Tribute To The Refugees Of Ukraine:

While the models walked, the designer, who had lived as a refugee in Ukraine and Moscow before settling in Dusseldorf, performed a poem in Ukrainian that he translated as “your sons will defend you.” Balenciaga has temporarily suspended its operations in Russia and is assisting the World Food Programme in its efforts to assist refugees escaping the conflict.