Audi A6 Interior – Best Models

The all new Audi A6 sports is a classy and elegant car that provides a comfortable ride accompanied by a roomy cabin. Audi’s new automobile is an absolute powerhouse for its size. 

Audi A6 is a luxurious mid-size car and it has a nice balance of ride quality and handling. It also provides two brilliant twin turbo charged engines. We can’t praise the interior of the car enough. High quality materials are used in each nook and we can see many new, advanced technological features as well. The cabin space is also quite spacious and can be-seat up to five people easily. 

Audi A6 Interior 2022

Audi A6’s interior is all what dreams are made of. Materials are first-rate, high quality leather and real wood pieces can be located. There’s also an option where you can go for for more leather patches covering the car inside the cabin. 

A newly added 10.1 inch touch screen display is introduced with Audi A6. The screen operates all the controls, menus and navigation. Right underneath that is an 8.6 inch touchscreen that allows you to control all the secondary controls. For example, climate control. 

The trunk size is estimated at 13.7 cubic feet, which is the average for a mid-size luxurious car. However, the low design makes room for your luggage quite efficiently. 

The cargo space is quite ample as well. Audi A6 offers 30 cubic feet of legroom behind its rear seats. The car can seat up to five people and the cabin doesn’t feel congested or tight at all. Even taller people can be at peace whilst in the car.  

Audi A6 All Time Best Models

Audi A6 1999 Interior

Audi A6 1999 is a family style luxury car with plenty power features. It’s a roomy automobile that seats up to five people. The V6 engine makes it an excellent performance-oriented car with a decent fuel average. In Addition, the car has received a considerable amount of praise over the years. It has a comfortable cabin space that also allows passengers of any height to have a great time. 

Audi A6 2000 Interior

Audi A6 2000 is another great candidate for Audi’s finest. The luxurious sedan attains a 2.8 litre normal-aspirated V6 engine, 200 hp and the automobile is available in front or all wheel drive. The twin turbo-charged engine is also available in this variant. The high-end leather seatings give you a soft and comfortable sitting experience. It can easily be said about the Audi A6 2000 that its a comfortable, sporty and dependable car. 

Audi A6 2001 Interior

Audi A6 2001 was released in four trims. The standard 2.8 litre V6, 2.7T with twin turbo 2.7 litre V6, 4.2 litre V8. Similar to all the other previous models, A6 2001 also provides a roomy experience for all passengers. The performance-oriented car can also house up to five people and is truly a family car