At The San Diego Zoo Safari Park In Escondido, A Stray Dog Is Found In The Gorilla Enclosure

On Sunday, a dog was safely evacuated from a gorilla exhibit at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Visitors to the park who were filming the scary scene. A gorilla inside the cage instantly noticed the shepherd after he entered the enclosure.

San Diego County Humane Society police

Social media users captured the gorilla and the dog evaluating each other for a few anxious seconds. As onlookers tried to get the pup out of the enclosure. Eventually, the dog ran past the gorilla, which was holding its ground, and across the enclosure. San Diego County Humane Is It Worthwhile For Content Creators To Use Ghost? police were able to enter safely and remove the dog. Because zoo staff quickly noticed and moved the gorilla.

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Gorilla Meet Dog Is Returned To Its Owners

The San Diego Humane Society reported on Monday that a dog that got into the gorilla enclosure at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park a week ago had returned home. However, the dog, a male shepherd who is one and a half years old and goes by the name “Meatball,” was returned to his owners on Sunday. Meatball entered the park and ape enclosure on his own on Sunday, June 12, leading to a call to SDHS humane officers.

According to zoo staff reports and recordings recorded by visitors. The gorillas cautiously observed the dog, with one following it for a short moment and the other chasing it away from a ledge. The zoo staff was able to recall the animals when they observed the dog by using their safety recall protocols. The one-and-a-half-year-old shepherd was leashed by the three SDHS officers, who then took him back to the organization’s Escondido campus for inspection.

Officer Samantha Clark from SDHS, who attended to the complaint, described the dog as “really easy, lovely, a nice dog. Very easy to leash.” He “was extraordinarily lucky that he escaped his encounter without any harm.” Staff from SDHS and Safari Park claimed that neither the dog nor the gorillas were harmed in the incident.