Apple Reveal New Stunning Features In Upcoming Update IO7 17

Apple Reveal New Features In  IO7 17


Apple Company was not planning to reveal major updates along with IOS 17. It is the next operating system for iPhone devices. The update will be expected to release later this year 2023. But suddenly the Company changed the plan. They are bringing some new features with updates according to the new report.

The Company’s worth is very fantastic as the stock of Apple typically gains after earnings in the last month. So, we are expected to say that the new update will bring the new user. So they buy Apple Mobile Devices or other products.

Mark Gurman Journalist Statement:

Mark Gurman Journalist Statement:

According to Journalist Mark Gurman, the update of IOS 17 is expected to check multiple Apple users and fulfill their demands. The previous upgrade of Apple IOS 16 which release including flashy updates like a new lock screen with live updates, undo sending messages, and batch photo editing. The new update IOS 17 is initially designed to fine-tune the features which are already existing and also fix some bugs.

In addition, Mark Gurman said that the strategy has been changed now and Apple is releasing this version with several updates and features that meet the popular demands of users. The features included in IOS 17 will remain to be seen. But the fans and users of Apple Company are not shy regarding what they want to see.

Recently, this month Apple pays a $12 Million fine because the App store abuses Russia’s anti-trust case. When Russia attacked Ukraine Apple suspended all its products immediately in Russia. A cyber security Company in Russia file a case against Apple.

New Features in IOS 17 Update:

New Features in IOS 17 Update:

Further features in the new update include a side-loading app outside of the App store, able to set multiple alarms, and volume control for alarms and FaceTime. As we know Apple recently reveal Voice Isolation for regular calls so we are expecting about call quantity update in the new version. The last thing that journalist said is that you know the AI tool Chat-GPT is trending nowadays so we are waiting to see any update in Siri Feature also.


Tech Giant Company Apple is revealing major updates along with their new update of IOS 17 later this year. The company said that they are not planning to reveal new features in this update but the plan suddenly changed now. The new features will fulfill the popular demands of the users.

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