Russia Anti-Trust Case: Apple Pays $12 Million Over App Store Abuse

Apple Pays $12 Million Over App Store Abuse


The famous city of Russia Moscow gives a statement about Apple. The Company pays 906 million rubles which is a $12.1 million fine. The fine is imposed by the courts of Russia that indict the abuse of its market position.

As you know Apple is one of the best Companies in the World now. Which sells many products all over the world. A few weeks back the stock of Apple typically gains after the earnings of stock. This news is very famous for a few days in the market. Everyone was shocked by the growth of Apple.

The Kremlin in Russia in recent years has been out of the way of Western tech giants that they believe are a threat to Moscow’s ability. That will control the overall distribution of information all around the Russians.

Why did Apple Pay that dollar to Russia?

Russia Federal Anti-Monopoly Service has confirmed that the Company Apple pays 906 million rubles. Which is exactly $12.1 million and they receive the funds. The reason for this process is that when Russia deployed its troops in Ukraine during the war in February Last year. The Company Apple suspended all kinds of products in Russia country and they will not able to sell their products.

The company which files the Case against Apple:

The company which files the Case against Apple:

A Kaspersky Lab is known as a cyber security firm and is assumed a national security threat by the United States. This Kaspersky Lab files the case against Apple and that’s why Apple pays that fine.

Kaspersky stated in February 2020 that the Famous Company Apple has blocked its access to the newly developed parental control apps. On the other hand, the American Firm was composed to start that similar service.

Previously Apple told to the AFP that they disagreed with that decision and didn’t abuse the market position. But on the other hand, the court upheld the ruling and the decision was down.

Russia Law about Internet Access Devices:

Russia Law about Internet Access Devices

In 2021, the country Russia Introduce a law that states that all the devices that have internet access and are used in the country can be approved by Russians Company Software. The software’s produced by different Companies in Russia.

The controversial anti-Apple regulation was founded to support the IT companies in Russia, but opponents claimed it was a move to increase government control over the internet.


The world-famous Company Apple pay a Fine of 906 million rubles which is 12.1 million dollars to Russia because of the Case file in 2020. The case was filed by the Kaspersky Company in 2020 in Russia Court.

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