American Home Shield Home Warranty Review

A leader in the house warranty sector with more than 30 years of expertise is American Home Shield (AHS). The company’s all-inclusive plan selections and nationwide availability have helped it earn a spot among the top home warranty providers. It has a sizable pool of contractors who are complimentary of the business. One of the top providers of house warranties, AHS is known for its exceptional customer service and broad coverage of all main home systems and appliances.


Are you unsure if American Home Shield is the best company to provide you with a home service contract? This post is for you. Numerous other factors also support choosing AHS. For more information on why AHS is a wise decision, how it compares to the competition, how to purchase your plan, and other topics.

Comprehensive Plans:

American House Shield, one of the leading providers of home warranties, provides extensive packages to suit your home’s requirements and financial situation. Whichever one you choose, you’ll have coverage for some of the most important components of your house.


Many services come with these plans. Included are refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, air conditioners, heating units, doorbells, interior electric lines, ceiling fans, and toilets. Additionally, it offers dispensers, waste disposals, and roof leak repair.

Other Optional Services:

A few add-ons are also available from American Home Shield, which you can add to any of their base home warranty policies. Compared to other home warranty providers, this choice of add-ons is less wide, but the company’s extensive base plans somewhat make up for that. The additional add-ons include an extended warranty on electronics, guest rooms, a good pump, a septic pump, a pool, and a spa.


Plans from American Home Shield cost about what is typical for the sector. Depending on the plan you select and the number of add-ons you select, prices will change. Your home’s size won’t have a big impact on the price.

Each time a client requests that a contractor visit their home to repair, replace, or examine a damaged item, they will also be required to pay an additional service fee. Customers are given the option to select the size of their service cost by the business. Higher service fees have the potential to result in cheaper monthly plan costs and vice versa.

Negative Reviews:

The company has received a lot of unfavorable web evaluations, primarily for claims that were rejected. However, the majority of them are in response to claim denials for things not covered by the plans offered by American Home Shield. By carefully reading the contract each time you try to file a claim, you can prevent these problems. Mold, mildew, lead paint, and asbestos are a few common allegations that American Home Shield disputes. When such potentially hazardous chemicals or substances are present, the company will not offer repair or replacement services.

In short, Some of the most comprehensive home warranty policies are offered by American Home Shield. However, it’s a fantastic choice for homeowners looking to acquire a range of coverage at a reasonable cost.