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Everything You Need To Know About Airbus A320 Family

Everything You Need To Know About Airbus A320 Family
  • PublishedSeptember 21, 2022

What aircraft are in the A320 family?

The NEO (New Engine Option) is available for the three largest versions of the Airbus A320 Family. (The A319neo, A320neo, and A321neo). There are two advanced turbofan engines available: the Pratt & Whitney GTFTM and the CFM International LEAP-1A. Airbus’ huge, fuel-saving wingtip devices called as SharkletsTM are also included in the NEO variants.

A320 NEO Family aircraft benefit from up to 30% less fuel use when compared to previous-generation aircraft, as well as increased flight ranges of up to 500nm (900km) or two tonnes of more payload.

How many A320 family have been built?

Airbus has delivered 6,318 A320ceo family aircraft as of the end of June 2021. More are still on order, albeit the order book is shrinking, and some of these orders will most certainly convert to neos.

The A320ceo narrowbody just loses out on being the most ordered narrowbody (the Boeing 737-800 takes this, with 4,991 orders). However, it does (at least as of May 2021) push ahead in usage. According to data for summer 2021 schedules, the A320ceo is the most scheduled aircraft globally, accounting for 21.3% of all flights, with the 737-800 coming in second with 19.3%.

How many people can Sit In an Airbus A320?

Passengers can enjoy greater personal space, bigger seats, and generous overhead storage spaces in the biggest single-aisle cabin. It seats 140 to 170 passengers and has a maximum capacity of 180 passengers, thanks to a modular cabin that can be configured for a number of seating arrangements. The A320 also boasts a highly quiet cabin with a variety of lighting options. Basically making it simple to unwind and enjoy the journey.

Everything You Need To Know About Airbus A320 Family

The A320, like all A320 Family members, has the same fly-by-wire digital flight controls and cabin management systems. It’s basically making life easier for pilots and cabin crew and allowing them to focus on passengers. Commonality in the cockpit also minimizes training and maintenance costs.

Who owns the most A320?

Everything You Need To Know About Airbus A320 Family

US Airways is the largest Airbus customer in the United States, with a fleet of 263 A320 aircraft, including 121 A321s. They, of course, combined with American Airlines in 2015, becoming the world’s largest fleet with 144 A320 planes. Airbus, on the other hand, continues to report US Airways as a separate customer.

Why is the A320 so popular?

The A320 aided in the advancement of fly-by-wire technology, side-stick controls, and cockpit commonality in commercial aircraft.

Since its debut flight in 1987, the A320 family has served as a workhorse for airlines all over the world. With the advent of the A320neo and A321neo, the aircraft can now add trans-Atlantic long-haul to its extensive repertory of capabilities.

How much is an A320 worth?

The list price of the A320ceo is $101 million, while the A320neo is $110.6 million. The A321, on the other hand, costs $118.3 million to $129.5 million.

However, it is improbable that IndiGo paid anything close to such sums when it placed its record-breaking order for 300 A320 family planes in October 2019. Approximately the last decade, the Indian low-cost airline has bought over 700 neo variants, with deliveries continuing at a typical pace through 2020.

How much is a private A320?

The Airbus A320 has an hourly rental charge of roughly 18,600 USD per hour.

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