According To Deion Sanders, Jackon State Needs Another Year To Prepare For Alabama

Under third-year coach Deion Sanders, Jackson State is on the verge of becoming a recurrent force in the HBCU league. The Tigers recently completed a season in which they set a school record with 11 victories, won the SWAC title. And fell to South Carolina State in the Celebration Bowl, which served as the de facto HBCU national championship game. However, Travis Hunter, the top recruit in the class of 2022, was the next player Sanders signed. Hunter’s decision to switch from Sanders’ alma college, Florida State, and sign with Jackson State stunned the recruiting community.

Deion Sanders, a former Florida State Seminole, is pleased with his position as Jackson State’s head coach. The Tigers have brought in some remarkable recruits, and more expect from them in the upcoming years. Although Jackson State doesn’t have a lot of challenging games on its schedule for the upcoming season. It expect that they will try to play top-tier opponents outside of their conference.

We would “very much be in support,” according to Nick Saban, of playing HBCUs, he previously stated. This was probably just a little shout-out to Deion and the Tigers, but Sanders knows his team isn’t quite ready yet.

SWAC Media Day In Birmingham

At the SWAC media day in Birmingham, Sanders declared, “He’s not going to play us right now.” We aren’t prepared for that. We don’t believe in giving our children up for money. He must grant me an extra As long as they get bigger up front, Sanders thinks his squad will be able to compete in a few years.

SWAC Media Day In Birmingham

He said, “I’ve got to bulk up in the front. “Those big men in the middle are what different Power 5s from HBCUs right now. None of the quarterbacks, receivers, defensive backs, or skill players are to blame. However, they are those large dogs in the center. To compete with something like that, we must strengthen that. year.

After Nick Saban mentioned that Travis Hunter received “a million dollars” to attend Jackson State, there was some back and forth between him and Deion Sanders. Despite his displeasure with the remarks, Deion said that he still loved and respected the famous coach of the Crimson Tides. The two, according to Sanders, ended their argument and remain close friends.

A meeting with Florida State might be forthcoming. There is no better way to test Deion’s conviction that he will succeed in getting the children he desires than to travel to Tallahassee and play the Noles.