7 Solutions To Fix An iPhone Flashlight

Gone are the days when you need to look for a flashlight in some forgotten drawer or storage box, wonder whether you still have the correct batteries to turn it on or groan in anger when it’s not bright enough. Nowadays, all you need to do is use the flexible iPhone you are holding. That is if the flashlight on your iPhone is functional. It is a major inconvenience when the flashlight on your iPhone stops working, and the flashlight icon is grayed out. Let’s examine the solutions you can use to make your iPhone torch function again.

Disable Low Power Mode

To save battery life, your iPhone’s Low Power Mode turns off some capabilities. Your battery level looks yellow rather than green when it’s active. When your battery level drops below 20%, a prompt for Low Power Mode appears automatically. You can always use your iPhone in Low Power Mode to conserve battery life. However, the flashlight on your iPhone is frequently one of the things that this mode disables. Toggle off Low Power Mode by selecting Battery in the Settings app and going to the Battery tab.

Make Sure Your iPhone Isn’t Too Hot

The flashlight on your iPhone can cease working if it becomes too hot. It’s not a good idea to keep using a hot iPhone. Your device will eventually shut off until it cools down if it reaches a specific temperature limit. If the temperature rises too high, a warning will also appear on your screen.

Placing your iPhone in a cool, dry place away from strong sunlight will help the temperature of your device to drop naturally. However, it would help if you didn’t try to place your device in the refrigerator because doing so will harm it. Look for a spot that is naturally cool and shaded. Your device should resume functioning once it has cooled down, including the flashlight on your iPhone.

iPhone flashlight

Close The Camera App On Your iPhone

The flash function on your iPhone’s camera uses the same light as the flashlight. If you have the Camera app opened, it’s usual to see the Control Center’s flashlight icon grayed out. This is because you cannot simultaneously use both features. Quit the Camera app and return to your Control Center to fix this. It would help if you observed that you could once again select the flashlight button simply and understandably.

Update Your iPhone

Update The iOS updates for your iPhone typically include fixes for multiple problems and performance issues. Therefore, updating your iPhone to the most recent version of iOS may be all that is required to fix the flashlight issue.

Turn On The Flash In The Camera App On Your iPhone

You can also turn your camera flash on and off to get rid of any problems that prevent your iPhone’s flashlight from functioning. The procedures to activate your iPhone’s camera flash was covered in the previous solution and are the same for the workaround. But instead of leaving the Flash set to On, toggle between On and Off a few times.

Backup Your iPhone And Restore It

You can restore your iPhone to a prior backup from when the flashlight was still functioning correctly, in addition to updating and restarting your iPhone. You should be aware that if you use this method, you will also lose any new data that has been added to your device during the last backup.

Reset Your iPhone’s Settings

Resetting the settings on your iPhone is the final option if all else fails. Just be careful not to tap Erase All Content and Settings, as doing so will erase your device’s data. You won’t lose any content from your iPhone if you don’t do that, so relax. Note that the reset procedure can take a long time, especially if you have a lot of data on your iPhone. Don’t count on restarting your iPhone instantly if you need a flashlight because you’re in the dark.