5 Common Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Website SEO Ranking

5 Common Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Website SEO Ranking


Many websites are facing issues in their SEO because of many problems. You all know that the generation is all about online and the internet. Every person is trying to switch their business from physical to online because people are attracted online mostly.

When you are thinking about switching from physical to online you may though about the platform where you start your business like digital marketing, and many other platforms. Many people create websites and design them properly or start their businesses but there are some mistakes they do when creating a business or when they are running it.

Although you analyze most of the people purchase domains and create websites on WordPress and then post content on multiple niches to get traffic and earn money through ads. During writing content and doing SEO of the whole website and contents they do mistakes which we discuss here.

5 Common Mistakes that hurt your Website SEO

  1. Working on the wrong keyword:
  2. Not writing stunning content:
  3. Missing on Page Optimization:
  4. Alt text in image, URL, and 404 Pages Error:
  5. Forget mobile experience and mobile optimization:

Let’s discuss this problem in detail.

1. Working on the wrong keyword:

Working on the wrong keyword

When you have a website of content writing and you are posting daily 5 to 6 blog post and you have many content writers or you will do it your own. The first mistake is that you pick the wrong keyword for the writing that doesn’t have search volume.

First of all, you need to add some specific keyword research tools where you check the volume of the keyword. When you got the topic then search the related keywords in that topic and use them in your content in the heading or the paragraph.

There is another mistake most people did that they pick a high difficult volume keyword that is difficult to rank. If your website is new then you need to work on those keywords whose keyword difficulty is low and volume is high. Try to work on long tail keywords because they are good in ranking.

Many owners of the website want to compete with the competitor’s website and then they use those keywords whose difficulty is high. For them, those keywords are good because they are running their website for a long time and building a reputation in Google. So, don’t use those keywords that have high difficulty because you won’t beat them if you are new. Try long-tail keywords and use specific ones in your content. 

2. Not writing stunning content:

Not writing stunning content

As you know there are many tools from which you will get plagiarism-free content and you don’t need to write content on your own. ChatGPT which is currently the most popular AI tool in the world who is providing plagiarism-free content to their user and people just copy that content and paste it on their website.

For the short term, they are doing right but after some time the blog post that has AI content will get non-indexed because google will know that the content is written by humans or any AI software. Although the data or content provided by ChatGPT is also from google because ChatGPT didn’t create that content he take from google. The last thing you need to keep in your mind is that there is a big difference between AI content and human-written content because a robot can’t think like a human.  

If you want to see your blog post on the first page or in the top ranking of the google search engine you need to write content on your own. Believe me, it will help you and your website get ranked on the top page when google fetches them Also the articles will not get non-indexed after some time. Writing content yourself is far better than using AI tools to get content and post it on the main website.

3. Missing on Page Optimization:

Missing On Page Optimization

After writing great content now you need to do the on-page optimization of your content. We can take an example that your website is about bikes and cars and you post daily news that is related to cars and bikes.

First of all, you need to make h1 and h2 headings and use your focus keywords in those headings because google fetches the keywords from your headings. Add that content to your blog which will satisfy the needs of your customer who came and read your blog post.

It’s obvious if you didn’t meet their needs they will not come to your blog. In addition, you need to update your website with the latest news that is uploaded on other websites. If you do that thing before publishing your content then the SEO will be quite easy. One main thing you need to add internal links in your blog post so that when your one blog take traffic other will also get traffic when the reader opens links to those blog posts.

Add some tags to your article and write a strong Meta description that summarizes your whole article in 160 words. Because when someone saw your blog post on the search engine page they will read the Meta description which is written below the title of your blog post. One important thing set a title that attracts the customer to your blog.

4. Alt text in Images, URL, and 404 Pages Error:

Alt text in Images, URL, and 404 Pages Error

Now, this is the 4th mistake that most people do in the beginning. They didn’t set the exact heading text on the image name and in the Alt text. Because when someone opens your blog and he has slow internet which cant load your images properly then your alt text will show as hoover. So set the text for the image file and alt text which will reflect your purpose of the image in content.

After that, you need to set the right URL and analyze that there is no page 404 on your website. 404 Error occurs on many pages of a website which disturb the SEO of the website. A better way to handle on-page SEO is that you appoint a person whose work is to analyze the content management system. The CMS person must handle the images alt text, URL, and pages of the blog post which will be uploaded to your website.

5. Forget mobile experience and mobile optimization:

Forget mobile experience and mobile optimization

More than 54% of the traffic on the website came from mobile and in which 92% of people are using the internet on their mobile devices. According to this, mobile optimization is more important than other aspects. So we have to design our websites that are according to the mobile devices. This means that the content or blog you are writing and posting will be easy for mobile users. The images and website will load quickly on mobile and the user can easily read your content on the mobile.

Your website is easily accessible on the mobile screen. So, you have to design a mobile user-friendly website that will give benefit you. When you are designing your website your priority is mobiles then you have to design according to the desktop view.


The five common mistakes that every owner did on their website are because the SEO of the website will get hurt. You have to do the right SEO from the beginning of the website when you post your first content. Don’t upload AI-written content because that will hurt your website image. Maybe you get hit on your blog by Google.

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